Air Cargo Charter


Air Cargo Charter

Navitrans is an industry leader and global provider of long-range, specialized air cargo transport services.

Our cargo charter flight services allow our clients to charter cargo aircraft for both domestic and international routes.

Our experience with one-time cargo flights and long term contracts with major cargo carriers and freight forwarders ensures that we can handle any customer requirement.

We provide our clients with reliable, customized, cost-effective services.

We are pleased to offer first-class services to:

  • Freight Forwarders
  • General Sales Agents
  • Charities and Relief Organizations
  • Government Departments

With Cargo Charter offices based in Shanghai, Beijing, Zhengzhou, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Moscow and Novosibirsk, our customers can be assured that we will find the perfect aircraft available on worldwide basis.

Contact Cargo Sales for cargo charter inquiries, please contact:

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